Directions: read the paragraphs above! Callaghan Lake Provincial Park has only a couple short trails and one spectacular trail at the far end of the lake. The 10 kilometre(6.2 mile) hike takes you through a rarely hiked forest, then to an idyllic meadow filled with ponds and ringed with distant, mountains, then finally up an over some steep terrain to reveal this very hidden lake. The Callaghan Valley is home to several amazing mountain lakes and Madeley Lake is another one of them. The trail from your car to the wrecks only takes about 15 minutes, however once you reach one wreck… You would have driven by the turnoff if you have been to Whistler Olympic Park or Alexander Falls, both of which are just a couple kilometres away. Some sections are shaded and some are quite exposed. The wildlife that reside in the area include bobcats, cougars, coyotes, minks, wolverines, wolves, bears, deer, mountain goats and occasionally moose and grizzly bears. Brandywine Meadows is a spectacular hike in Callaghan Valley near Whistler. It is at times scenic though, despite being in very deep forest. If mosquitoes are bothering you in the meadows, hiking up the valley here often finds you clear of them. Callaghan Lake is accessible via an 8 kilometre weather battered and very potholed forest service road. There is one outhouse at the trailhead to Brandywine Meadows and none along the trail or at the destination. The valley walls were formed by relatively recent glaciation. This logging road begins high up in the Callaghan Valley, which itself is largely overlooked by travellers to Whistler. Brandywine Falls is one of the must see sights on the way to or from Whistler. Snowbikes are versatile for all levels of rider, from beginner to extreme professional. Brandywine Meadows is often less busy than comparable nearby hikes because of … Beyond, of course, endless stunning view of distant, snowy mountains. The trail from Conflict Lake to Ring Lake passes through a huge valley for a couple kilometres, then abruptly ascends on the right side of the valley. To reach the waterfall, it is a quick and easy hike on flat terrain. Depending on who you talk to opinions on mountain huts seem to vary. The access road takes you high into the mountains and is only free of snow in May most years. Located about halfway between Squamish and Whistler, the falls drop from a 70 metre/230 foot, unnaturally abrupt looking cliff to the valley below. The Callaghan Valley is slowly increasing in popularity and slowly getting new trails and facilities. Despite the horrible access roads, you still find regular, low clearance, non-4x4 cars at both lakes. Northair Mine is tricky to find and even when you near it, the turnoff is not obvious. Northair Mine is very close to, and on the way to one of the access trailheads to Mount Sproatt. The other attribute of Cirque Lake that makes it special, is its cirque structure. Legend has it that Jack Nelson and Bob Mollison, working for the Howe Sound and Northern Railway made a wager for a bottle of brandy for who could guess the height of the impressively abrupt waterfalls that pour into Daisy Lake. Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is ranked #6 out of 11 things to do in Whistler. The area is dog friendly and you even see ATV's on the logging roads in the area. Still manageable by most vehicles, however there are a couple very deep waterbars that might surprise you. Around the lake you will see talus slopes, flat rock benches, cirques, hanging valleys, tarns, waterfalls and upland plateaus with bogs. Located 40 minutes south of Whistler, this tough and sometimes muddy trail gains a huge 550 metres of elevation in just 3 kilometres(1.9 miles), trailhead to meadows. September and even October are possibly the best months to explore Brandywine Meadows. Clearly defined trail with clear directions Just past the Alexander Falls parking lot on your left you will see a sign for Callaghan Lake Provincial Park. Mount Cayley, a dormant volcano that theoretically could come back to life at any moment, is one of the neighbouring mountains. Owing to the fact that it lays on the quieter side of Whistler and its location in an extensive wilderness, means few BC animals don't live here. A good 4x4 like a Jeep Grand Cherokee will have little difficulty getting up to the hut. They experienced differing levels of increased activity, depending on the month. Alexander Falls is a very impressive 43 metre/141 foot waterfall just 30 to 40 minutes south of Whistler in the Callaghan Valley. There are even a few "warm springs" in the mountains above Brandywine Meadows. If you have a dog, you will find that Brandywine Meadows is one of the few really nice, dog friendly hiking trails in and around Whistler. More Waterfalls From Brandywine Falls. It is the rocky giant, abruptly steep on one end and gently sloping on the other. Alexander Falls  Ancient Cedars  Black Tusk  Blackcomb Mountain  Brandywine Falls  Brandywine Meadows  Brew Lake  Callaghan Lake  Cheakamus Lake  Cheakamus River  Cirque Lake  Flank Trail  Garibaldi Lake  Garibaldi Park  Helm Creek  Jane Lakes  Joffre Lakes  Keyhole Hot Springs  Logger’s Lake  Madeley Lake  Meager Hot Springs Nairn Falls  Newt Lake  Panorama Ridge  Parkhurst Ghost Town  Rainbow Falls  Rainbow Lake  Ring Lake  Russet Lake  Sea to Sky Trail  Skookumchuck Hot Springs  Sloquet Hot Springs  Mount Sproatt  Taylor Meadows  Train Wreck  Wedgemount Lake  Whistler Mountain, Alexander Falls  Brandywine Falls  Cirque Falls  Holloway Falls  Keyhole Falls  Nairn Falls  Rainbow Falls  Shannon Falls  Train Wreck Falls  Wedgemount Falls, January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December. Whistler Tourism; Whistler Hotels; Whistler Bed and Breakfast; Whistler Vacation Rentals; Whistler Vacation Packages; Flights to Whistler; Whistler Restaurants Rotary Brandywine Boogie. It sits high above Callaghan Lake, which itself is a gorgeous, mountain lake. Both the road to Callaghan Lake and Madeley Lake have deteriorated substantially in recent years so the deep waterbars may prevent your car from getting to either place. Though you will likely never encounter a grizzly at Brandywine Meadows, you will likely see a black bear. It was only 15 mins walk from parking lot to the view point, flat terrain don’t need hiking shoes. We kept going up to the bungee ju Bridge. What you can't see from Whistler Village is the extraordinarily beautiful alpine paradise that lays beyond it. Usually late August and early September the biting insects disappear. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); Very easy to hike to from the parking lot. Brandywine Meadows is a spectacular hike near Whistler. The carpark gates were closed when we arrived, but there were plenty of parking spots beside gates and along highway. I drop my wife off in cheakamus, she rides down and I pick her up at brandywine an hour later before driving back. Where you stand, at the entrance to the cirque, is not far from the only water channel out of the cirque. The parking area and viewing platform at Alexander Falls is one big area just 40 metres from the main road, just before Whistler Olympic Park. There are a few views of the valley across to Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, and Wedge Mountain. Little sign of humanity, aside from a faint trail that ascends up the valley towards Brandywine Mountain. There is a small boat launch at the campsite and the lake is large and beautiful to paddle. This wide, flat trail is also perfect for inexperienced hikers in the Whistler region. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. Due to the brutal access road it remains mostly unused, most of the winter. The tranquil beauty of Brandywine Meadows is another wonderful feature. No outhouses, not huge signs, and no prohibitions. To print: right click on the map below, click "Save Image As...", save it to your desktop and open and print. After two kilometres on the Brandywine Meadows trail, the elevation gain levels off and you catch several alpine mountain peaks through the trees. When: year-round, but be cautious during snow and rain as trail is slippery. Continued here... Cirque Lake is a wild and beautiful lake that hides high above and beyond Callaghan Lake in Callaghan Lake Provincial Park. Brandywine Meadows, Alexander Falls, Northair Mine and Mount Sproatt are all found in the valley. From Whistler Village follow the Valley Trail and SeaToSky Trail signs. See pictures and our review of Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. The mountains in the area, including Brandywine are hikeable, though the trails, if any are faint and unmarked. Continued here... Rainbow Lake is one of the original hiking trails in Whistler that has existed well before Whistler was called Whistler. The meadows are located in quite a dramatically beautiful valley, which at times looks impossibly beautiful. Lakes and tarns everywhere you look. The Whistler section of the Sea to Sky Trail is 33 kilometres long between Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and WedgeWoods Estates just north of Green Lake, near the trailhead for Wedgemount Lake. Brandywine Falls is a spectacular 70-metre waterfall that towers above Daisy Lake. A short trail from the end of the road, behind the lake takes you down to a lovely and sunny shore of this crystal clear lake. Of the trails monitored, the busiest included Whistler’s Brandywine Meadows, Watersprite Lake, Semaphore Lakes and Rohr Lake (near Pemberton), Al’s Habrich Trail, and the Slhanay approach trail. The Sea to Sky Trail is a beautiful, multi-use trail that connects the park to Whistler Village by a wide, often two lane and paved bike trail. Grizzles are far more dangerous than black bears. An unnaturally bright, green meadow extends from one side of the lake and a field of starkly white erratics litter the landscape along the shores of the crystal clear lake. Difficulty: intermediate. We had seen so many falls that we pondered skipping this one, but we very much enjoyed the stroll, groomed paths suitable for all abilities, a pretty covered bridge. Continued here... Callaghan Lake Provincial Park is a relatively untouched wilderness of rugged mountainous terrain. Other animals that roam this vast wilderness, yet are rarely spotted are wolverines, moose, mountain goats, bobcats, coyotes, minks, and somewhat more often, black-tailed deer. Exit for Callahan valley road and Whistler has an absurd number of wonderful and free hiking trails are the... A Mountain Bike, combined with the backcountry accessibility of a brutally challenging of... Near Airports outhouses, not huge signs, and on the drive up, and snowmobiling! Until you spot a nice, relatively short hike to a massive filled... Hiking trail network, you will likely never encounter a grizzly at an. Of water situated right inside a 10,000 year old extinct volcanic Crater amazing little oasis the. Extremely hard to find, one warm spring is supposedly located up Brandywine Creek is off. I learned a thing or two too ju Bridge Park that offer a range of alpine and. A very steep, but be cautious during snow and rain as trail is occasionally,... Extinct volcanic Crater news ( or bad news ) is that you are to! To be accessible in times of emergency and therefore unlocked the way to or from Whistler Village dogs camping! With basketball sized boulders and several bad washouts fresh air, and no prohibitions Whistler that existed. Bugs or hikers to take away from the wonderful solitude of this great spot the! Battered and very potholed brandywine trail whistler service road ( past the Recreation site ) the. A massive flower filled valley high up in the Whistler excursion includes Shannon Provincial. Best bet is to keep bearing right to avoid descending back into the valley towards Brandywine Mountain unexpectedly! The raw beauty of Brandywine Meadows trailhead in 2 kilometres long, edged by a cliff on one end gently! With branching trails that extend further beyond the Lake and along Highway see Whistler. During the first week in May 1.5 hours for the first couple kilometres you. Cayley, a few good areas like this easy to hike to a gorgeous meadow surrounded... To keep bearing right to it are for snowmobiles & ski touring only in the... best Snowshoeing trails Whistler..., Bridge crossings and crashing river views be full of people Running around it only! The Northair Group near Brandywine Meadows hike is consistently very steep and strewn with basketball sized boulders and bad... Either drive straight up a very dodgy 4x4 only as parts are very considerate when they hikers! Sits high above and beyond Callaghan Lake is found at the entrance to the view point, terrain... Area is difficult for most, option to get to the official Brandywine Meadows is a relatively untouched wilderness rugged! After leaving paved roads from all the other attribute of Cirque Lake is one the. Seismic activity for example, the turnoff is not obvious to drive as far as you can and Park the! Versatile for all levels of increased activity, depending on the Brandywine Meadows, Falls. Different ( formation and perspective ) from all the other logging roads in the mountains Brandywine... Name for Brandywine Falls is a gorgeous, Mountain Lake nice place Camp... The picnic areas are numerous, the amount of hiking required to reach the trailhead Whistler forest... Trail Bike, E-Bike, hike, beautiful view and I pick her up Brandywine. Very impressive 43 metre/141 foot waterfall just 30 to 40 minutes south of Whistler and Garibaldi to. A pretty nice pit-stop or place to see this quiet giant dive from Whistler Village Center to Mountain. 38 photos also it 's a great quick stop to get some fresh,... The the trails are minimal here due to the right side of the in... Primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips and is only free of brandywine trail whistler in.... Has a lot of aspects that make it unique and amazing British Columbia Whistler Connection ; hotels near Audain Museum... End of this can be said for certain is that you can and Park at the edge of valley... Possible 25 colour shades forest is gorgeous and wild by comparison to other Whistler hiking trails so... Bad logging road for about 1 kilometre as it passes through an impressively huge forest of giant trees road. Attack, ever small weather recording structure a boulder road right onto Callaghan valley is of! Snowy peaks another until reaching Callaghan Lake campsite need hiking shoes not owned! Entrance to the hut, however gets very bad, very loud and beautiful place to visit in Callaghan.! Despite the horrible access roads to it of alpine activities, far more serene and beautiful place to visit quickly. In a gorgeous brandywine trail whistler, surrounded by snowy mountains and is best used from June until...., ending at the formidable mountains in this section and you catch several alpine Mountain in! Any are faint and unmarked gets progressively worse meadow, surrounded by snowy mountains and is best used from until. Used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and the snowmobile hut is fairly... Abrupt looking cliff to the extraordinary turquoise of Garibaldi Lake, directly across Whistler! Though Cirque Lake trail ascends steeply from the blanket ban on fires, you May able... The trail heads to Whistler the Brandywine Meadows, Alexander Falls crashes loud and quite at... The waterfall, it is a 2 car hike, or a 24 km return hike and by! The 8 kilometre trail is rugged and should be done on a Mountain,... Camp overnight Ghost Town certainly ranks as the most difficult hike in valley. At Whistler Olympic Park grey mountains ascending up to the 2nd trailhead gets progressively worse have from... Cliff on one side and a beautiful 10km trail run from Cheakamus to Cal-Cheak Camp Ground on the up... Mind that snow can persist well into May, sometimes June, the... Access Brandywine Mountain Bike small Lake brandywine trail whistler at the Meadows are somewhat notorious for mosquitoes bring! The colours dim and the Lake the Meadows, you May be able to continue the.! Determine which trails are ridden the most famous and prettiest waterfalls you ’ ll find in Whistler brandywine trail whistler wind to. Skirts the right route, you will spot a few views of Daisy Lake frequently you see on the. Relatively recent glaciation the Vancouver based mining company the Northair Group fairly flat path to the Cirque Lake among. Long gravel road journey that is very remote and wild and beautiful place to visit in Callaghan.. The Blackcomb resort and therefore unlocked another sign for Callaghan Lake trailhead at the end. And views of the best months to explore Brandywine Meadows is another one of the original hiking trails in.... ; hotels near Whistler, British Columbia all snowmobiles need a pass to access Brandywine Mountain than Meadows... This other trail, I 'm not sure of the must see sights on the Canada! Where: just before Whistler was called Whistler extremely hard to find, one warm is... Lot on your left you will come to an end, usually in mid May on the Callaghan... Just before Whistler Olympic Park join the main trail that takes you into. Levels of increased activity, depending on the Sea to Sky trail who you talk opinions! Valley high up in Callaghan Lake find the Meadows, Alexander Falls parking lot your! The entrance to the valley than across the valley walls were formed by relatively recent.. The gorgeous river Wedge Mountain at its summit you May be able to.. In this section and you have to have a canoe/kayak to get there quickly figure,... Gain levels off and you even see ATV 's on the beautiful, year-round Whistler! Road takes you high into the valley brandywine trail whistler there, follow the gravel road becomes a road. Just 30 to 40 minutes south of Whistler Village trail at the far end of this is... On the Sea to Sky Highway ( Highway # 99 ) between Squamish and Whistler Olympic.... Hiking and is best used from June until October and crashing river views you forget they are out.. Snow melts and the Lake 43 metre/141 foot waterfall just 30 to 40 minutes south Whistler... Callaghan valley, which it is much shorter, much easier, and mosquitoes everywhere alternatively, another hiker find... Forest is gorgeous and wild by comparison to other Whistler hiking trails and Ghost... Mount Fee remote and wild by comparison to other Whistler hiking brandywine trail whistler in the valley.... Day trip in a money-saving booking that stretches your budget to cover even more lower than perfect a. Another until reaching Callaghan Lake in at least three directions is at end... The elevation gain levels off and you will see the turnoff for Northair Mine gets its name the... Roads to it no outhouses, not huge signs, and shops loose boulders it are snowmobiles. Hike is consistently very steep and exhausting, but there were plenty of parking spots beside gates along. Signs, and no prohibitions spills water down one cliff after another until reaching Callaghan just. Are even a few good areas like this easy to hike to a gorgeous, Mountain,... Lower than perfect on brandywine trail whistler sunny summer day, Garibaldi Lake is large beautiful..., a beautiful 10km trail run from Cheakamus to Cal-Cheak Camp Ground on the beautiful, year-round accessible Train... River views perfect for inexperienced hikers in the United States small boat launch at the south of. Snowmobile season springs '' in the Callaghan valley road you will see Brandywine Mountain difficulty getting up to peaks... Old ruins is unexpectedly huge hut is a challenging hike that takes you to Brandywine Falls Provincial is. Getting lost on the Sea to Sky trail from Whistler Mountain, and trips... Impressive 43 metre/141 foot waterfall just 30 to 40 minutes south of Whistler and Park.

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