None of above and How to check whether a checkbox is checked in jQuery? For better performance in modern browsers, use [type="checkbox"] instead. Therefore, the cross-browser-compatible way to determine if a checkbox is checked is to use the property: if (elem.checked) if ($ (elem).prop ("checked")) The method requires jQuery 1.6+. For example, you may want to conditionally show or hide form fields when a checkbox is selected. For illustration purposes, when the CheckBox is clicked based on whether it is checked (selected) or unchecked (unselected), a function will be called within which the HTML DIV with TextBox will be shown or hidden using jQuery. It’s actually quite easy. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to call a function when an HTML CheckBox is checked (selected) or unchecked (unselected) in jQuery. read how event check jquery checkbox if-statement Esiste una funzione "esiste" per jQuery? Answer: Use the jQuery prop() method. LIKE US. Use the checked attribute to set the checkbox with jQuery. How to Test If a Checkbox is Checked with jQuery, "", // .size() can be used instead of .length, "#checkList input[type=checkbox]:checked", "", How to Add and Remove Multiple or Single Select Options using jQuery, How to Change Selected Value of a Drop-Down List Using jQuery, How to Remove Style Added with the .css() function Using jQuery, How to Select and Manipulate CSS pseudo-elements using jQuery, How to Check and Uncheck Checkbox with JavaScript and jQuery, How to Know which Radio Button is Selected using jQuery, How to Remove All CSS Classes Using jQuery/JavaScript, How to Add Options to a Select Element using jQuery, How to Change the Href for a Hyperlink using jQuery. version added: 1.0 jQuery ( ":checked" ) The :checked selector works for checkboxes, radio buttons, and options of select elements. (select boxes based on css class in block or page) You can use the prop() method to check or uncheck a checkbox, such as on click of a button. It works well in every condition because every checkbox has checked property which specifies its checked or unchecked status. jQuery is a fast, small, and features rich JavaScript library. But that does not fire the change event of the changes checkboxes. There are two methods by which you can dynamically check the currently selected checkbox by changing the checked property of the input type. The checked attribute can also be set after the page load, with a JavaScript. Accept. You better use some class with the dependent checkboxes so that it … To retrieve only the selected options of … It works pretty well in all conditions because every checkbox has a checked property which specifies its checked or unchecked status. Do not misunderstand it with the checked attribute. You can use the jQuery prop() method to check or uncheck a checkbox dynamically such as on click of button or an hyperlink etc. Method 1: Using the prop method: The input can be accessed and its property can be set by using the prop method. is(): This method is also very simple and easy to use. for(var i=0; i

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